“An accomplished seven-piece band… Musica Linda have a unique mix of Cuban rhythms and Mediterranean-flavoured sounds and melodies.”
Spectrum, SMH 2017

“music to inspire… energetic mix of original acoustic Cuban dance music with a twist of Mediterranean spice”
Inner West Times 2017

“Cool, groovy… wonderful!”
Linda Mottram Mornings ABC 702, 2013

Vibrant acoustic Latin dance music with a twist of Mediterranean spice featuring powerful rhythms and stunning harmonies.

Get your “pulses racing and hips shaking” (Drum Media, Sept 2012) with the sensuous sounds and sinuous beats of Musica Linda.  Pack your bags for an evening of virtual travel to Cuba and other exotic destinations with this local seven piece band. Musica Linda features stunning vocal harmonies and irresistible Cuban rhythms, plus originals and arrangements of gorgeous Mediterranean melodies fused with funky Latin beats.

Latin musicians have long known that you don’t need a thumping kick drum to drive an audience to a frenzy of relentless dancing.  Musica Linda’s unique take on Cuban dance music, infused with touches of exotica keeps the dance floor packed with feet and bodies moving. It is very much a new generation spin on traditional music, born out of Sydney’s multicultural community. Imagine Buena Vista Social Club meets the Gypsy version of the Spice Girls!


Drawing on the talents of legends of the Sydney world music scene, Linda Marr (Blindman’s Holiday, Nakisa) vocals + percussion, Juan Carlos Rios (El Orqueston, Sarambe) guitar +vocals, Richard Tardif (flute), Dolores Del Rio (violin), Peter Firth (bass guitar), Aykho Akrif (percussion) and Issac Zorzano (vocals + percussion) Musica Linda is irresistible. Dancing shoes strongly advised!!